I-    Bridge Africa Privacy Policy

Bridge Africa links people no matter where they are. All registered user can create his own website, share his content with others users.This privacy policy show in which condition bridge Africa gather, use and share user’s information when they are using our services.Bridge Africa receives your information through our different services, websites, SMS, API, notifications by email, applications. When you are using our services, you accept that bridge Africa  gather, transfers, use, your information and we use it like described by the current privacy policy, no matter where is your country or where you are living, you autorised bridge Africa to use those information in Africa and in all others country where are If you have any questions or comments concerning this privacy policy, don’t hesitate to write us at the following email : maxinemoffet@gmail.com.

II-      collecting and using of informations

  • Basics informations of user’s account : when you create or set a bridge africa account, you provide us your personals informations such than your name your password and your email adress. In certain cases, it can be asked to you to provide your telephone number, for example, in order to use Bridge Africa via SMS or to help us to prevent the problems of Spam, fraud or abuse.Your name and your name of user are listed publicly in our Services, in particular on your page of profile and in the results of research.